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Violence Threat Assessment Planning and Response

Presented by CTRI Crisis & Trauma

Resource Institute


After a violent incident, it is not uncommon to find that many people were aware of clues that violence was being planned. Yet, without a clearly defined process to gather information and assess the situation, violence prevention is extremely difficult. This workshop provides a communication and decision-making model to help businesses, schools, organizations and communities become more effective in their management of threats. Participants will learn strategies to help them identify, assess and manage individuals who may be escalating towards violence.


Workshop Outline

  • Threat Assessment Overview
  • Types of Threats
  • Behaviours of Concern
  • Potential Threateners
  • Typical Stages of Violence
  • Possible Characteristics and the Problem with Profiling
  • Threat Assessment Team and Plan Development
  • The Threat Assessment Process
  • Guiding Principles in Assessment
  • The Initial Assessment Process
  • Detailed Assessment Considerations
  • Case Management and Monitoring
  • Focus on Anonymous Threats
  • Focus on Stalking
  • Scenario Analysis

George Anderson, BA, CPP

George is a popular presenter of our Violence Threat Assessment and De-escalating Potentially Violent Situations™ workshops. He is a senior management consultant and security specialist with over 25 years of leadership and management experience in the public sector. George is a Certified Protection Professional with a focus on violence risk assessment, and extensive knowledge in the development of violence and threat assessment programs. He is the former director of Safety, Security, and Investigations for a Manitoba crown agency. George holds Bachelor’s degrees in Social Sciences and Criminal Justice and is a certified protection professional with a focus on violence risk assessment. George has significant experience presenting training seminars, and his fusion of in-the-trenches business experience and real-life stories connects with his clients and audiences at an intimate and individual level.





How to Predict Violence & Influence Outcomes

Dynamics of Street Engagements and Situational Awareness

Developed By Lt. Jim Glenon

Presented by Calbre Press



Speaker Lt. Kelly R. DeVOLL is currently a Lieutenant with the Georgetown Texas Police Department.  He has been a Police officer since 1989, first with Jefferson County Sheriffs Department from 1989 to 1998 and from 1998 to present with Georgetown. 

The vast majority of attacks on officers begin with communication: They Tell You it’s Coming

If you can predict it, you can prevent it. 

Stopping violence before it starts is a learnable and necessary skill.  Too often, officers are reactive to aggression rather than predictive.  Preparing for a violent encounter requires that you quickly and accurately identify behaviors that indicate vicious intent.  If done effectively, you have the power to influence outcomes.

How to Predict Violence & Influence Behavior begins by delving deeply into the science of Kinesics and the study of body language, stances, gestures, and micro-expressions.  Using videos of recent attacks on officers, we analyze subtle movements, mannerisms and warning signs of the impending aggression.  We will discuss how these same, proven skills can assist in getting confessions.

We then discuss the critical importance of your own behavior and how it can be affected by emotion and stress.  Learn what science tells us about human behavior and how asking the right questions, actively listening and showing empathy can be the keys to controlling, redirecting and influencing others.  Once learned, you can control the outcome of a potentially deadly encounter.

Old School 'verbal defense' classes train old school communication theory.  This course was developed using today’s research in the science of human behavior and decades of real street experience.  This class will discuss:




Active Killer Management

presented by the Edmonton Police Service



Biography of Presenters:

Cst. Ed STAUDINGER is currently a member of the Edmonton Police Service Tactics Training Unit. Ed is in his tenth year with the EPS. Prior to the EPS, Ed served in the 2nd Battalion of the PPCLI for three years, during which time he deployed to Afghanistan in 2008. Ed worked patrol and beats in Northeast Division in Edmonton for over 7 years before joining Training Section. Ed is currently responsible for numerous portfolios, including Active Killer response, Counter Ambush, Extended Range Intermediate Weapons, and Exterior Tactics. Ed is a member of the EPS Critical Incident Stress Management team, in addition to the EPS Reintegration Team.

Cst. Ken DACK is currently a senior member of the Edmonton Police Service Tactics Training Unit. Ken is in his tenth year of service with the EPS, 5 years of which were in patrol in Southwest Division. Prior to his current career he spent 16 years in Edmonton EMS as an advanced and critical care paramedic, including several years as a flight paramedic and finishing as a Superintendent.  Ken was instrumental in creating the EPS’s Rescue Tactics and Casualty Care (RTACC) program as it stands today, which has been credited with numerous saved lives since its implementation. Ken is a certified Taser Master Instructor, and is responsible for several portfolios, including RTACC and Conductive Energy Weapon program for the entire EPS. Ken is also a member of the EPS CISM team and the Reintegration Team.

Information on Presentation:

Active Killer Events: Are you prepared? (90 Mins)

EPS Training Section will discuss trends and commonalities between Active Killer events in North America and within Alberta. We will talk about specific things your agency may be able to do that can make a difference if a facility you are responsible for is subject to an Active Killer event.  We will discuss prevention, mitigation, and response to an Active Killer event. You will be provided with a variety of options that you can take back to your agency for consideration.  

EPS Tactics Training Overview:  (60 mins)

EPS Tactics Training Unit is responsible for research and development of curriculum, and training of recruits and in service officers in all tactics related material. These portfolios include control tactics, vehicle tactics, intermediate weapons, counter ambush, Active Killer response, scene containment, etc. We will provide an overview of the current tactics and practices that we utilize to provide to our front line officers. This overview will specifically include Rescue Tactics and Casualty Care, Counter Ambush, Bounding Overwatch, and Vehicle Close Quarter Battle. While these tactics are police specific, there are many parallels and the tactics can be used in a defensive fashion whether an officer is armed or not. Our goal is to generate discussion and facilitate open communication between Law Enforcement agencies.

EPS Reintegration Program Overview: (30 mins)

The EPS Reintegration Program was designed to assist members of first responder organizations as they strive to return to the normalcy of work after impactful critical incidents or a Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Diagnosis. The success of these programs is based on the fact they are administered and coordinated by other members of the profession itself. EPS Training Section will provide an overview of this crucial and successful program. The intent behind this overview is to introduce the program and provide resources if your agency may be interested in implementing it.

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