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Emergency Vehicle Operations Course

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The Town of Westlock and Westlock County will be hosting an Emergency Vehicle Operations Course from April 18-21, 2020.

Emergency Vehicle Operations Course

This course is compromised of 40 hrs of instruction time. This involves classroom presentations, development exercises as well as driving evaluation and timed qualifications.

The Value of Driver Training:

Due to the frequency in which Peace Officers are or may be required to drive in both emergency and non-emergency situations, it is essential that all officers receive advanced driver training.

Section 1: Vehicle Operations

Section 2: Liability Issues

Section 3: Vehicle Dynamics

Section 4: Braking

Section 5: Driving Emergencies – 1

Section 6: Cornering Techniques

Section 7: Driving Emergencies – 2

Section 8: Emergency Response Driving

Section 9: Pursuit Policy

Course cost is $1000 plus gst per student, space is limited. For more information or to register please email safetystartshere@live.com

Thank you and stay safe

Jamie Erickson
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