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Fall Conference Training

Post by Jamie_Erickson »

Good Morning,

As discussed at our Spring AGM, we are bringing in an instructor for the Fall Conference for a certificate course. The course outline is as follows:


This two day course will enable you to "read people like a book". With rare exceptions, people exhibit unconscious verbal and non-verbal behaviours that you "read to determine if they are being open and honest or evasive and untruthful". Using this technique, you can assess the subject's emotional state, pinpoint areas that need further probing, overcome resistance, and correctly evaluation the reliability of information you receive. You'll be able to tell when a ready subject is ready to admit the truth.

You'll increase your case solution rate, handle investigations more effectively, improve your communications skills, reduce the cost of lengthy investigations and maintain control of investigations.

This is an excellent course and the price will be quite reasonable for a certificate course of this nature. Price will depend on the number of members attending.

The Fall AGM is scheduled for Sept 28 am, the course will follow in the afternoon and finish on Sept 29, 2009.

I realize that this is still some time away from now but i would like to get an idea as to how many are planning on attending, this will assist in setting up our location, ie room size, lunches etc.

Please respond back to me with the nimber of members from your department that you anticipate attending.

Jamie Erickson
AACPO Training Officer

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Post by George_Woof »

one for Nanton

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Post by Joel_Mcdonald »

2 from Vulcan County
Joel McDonald
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Post by Glenn_Alford »

2 from Yellowhead

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Post by Anna_Mast »

1 from Cypress County.

Vanessa Ergang

Fall training

Post by Vanessa Ergang »

2 from Westlock County

John Elley

Post by John Elley »

2 from Woodlands County


Post by smitty »

Well I wanted to go but unfortunately the better half has informed me I'll be in Greece those dates!! Oh well---LOL

Dave Horner

Interview Course

Post by Dave Horner »

2 possibly 3 from Lac Ste. Anne


Post by Becky_Oxton »

2 possibly 3 from Beaumont.


Post by Cory_Bronson »

1 for Big Lakes.


Post by rpsmith »

One or more from Pigeon Lake
R. Smith


Post by kbouyers »

depending on cost I could be there as well

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Costs for Fall Conference.

Post by Glenn_Alford »

At our meeting in Feb the membership approved the assoc. paying for half the cost to bring this course to the membership (approx $2600). The facilities and remainder of the costs will be at cost recovery so we are looking at $100-$125 per member for the 1.5 day certificate course. Details will be worked out in the next few weeks. We are looking at a couple of locations at this time and getting quotes.


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