CPO entry level requirements and training

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CPO entry level requirements and training

Post by Michael_Atkins »

Hello everyone,

First off, I'll introduce myself. My name is Michael Atkins. I'm a 29 year old, soon to be graduate of the Criminal Justice program from the Lethbridge College. I have been working security for the past 2 years. I have developed a recent stronger interest in becoming a CPO as I work alongside many of them and also it's been an interest before I first got into the field of law enforcement.

My question is this: What training should I get before applying to any agency hiring for CPO's or bylaw officers etc? I know that agencies have their standards and specific requirements, but I am seeing all across the board the CPO level 2 and subsequent level 1 seems to be needed to start things off. My speculation is that under many forums and job postings they say that "you will be required to obtain CPO 2 certification through the solicitor general". On the FAQ board for the site it says that you cannot attend the academy to receive training until hired as a CPO through a municipal agency first. Are there private companies or seasonal courses offered or do you just need to worry about getting hired and then the agency sends you off to get your level 2 and whatever other specific training? I'm wanting to get these done ahead of time if possible as I do not graduate until the end of the year due to practicum timing. Also, it looks like the CPOIP is needed right off the bat. I have done the basic requirements including the PARE. Thanks, any info and applicable advice for how to complete the above mentioned or anything I missed would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: CPO entry level requirements and training

Post by Jason_Springham »

Hi Michael

It looks like you have found most of the correct info. Your degree should at least provide you a CPO2 designation for appointment purposes. You can take some supplemental training (Lidar/Laser, EVOC, Defensive Tactics), but these do not guarantee a job position.

Take an interest in or choose a couple of departments and inquire about a ride-along / speak with a member.

Contact me if you need more specific information.

Jason Springham

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