Fund Raiser for Grant Glister

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Fund Raiser for Grant Glister

Post by Dwight_Dawn »

Some of you may know Grant, some of you younger Officers probably don't, but I know we have many members here on this site that have known Grant from years back with his time at Parkland County, to even further back when he got into Policing as an RCMP member. I'm posting this today, because we are having a VERY IMPORTANT FUND RAISER!!!! for Mr. Glister On March 3rd 2018 at the Drayton Valley Legion. I'll give you a little background as to why we're having this fund raiser for Grant. Back in 2010 Grant came to work for me at Lac Ste Anne County after working for Bob Brown in Alberta Beach, in the fall of 2014 Grant and I both left Lac Ste Anne and he went to work for a friend doing radar on industry roads outside of Fort McMurray, flying on and out of camp. One early morning in February 2015 Grant woke to serious pain in his right leg and after about an hour he made the call to 911 and was taken by ambulance from camp to the Fort McMurray hospital, was stabilized there then immediately flown to Edmonton by Stars where he had his right leg amputated immediately due to an Aneurysm in his leg, and then unfortunately due to dead skin not closing and healing at the amputation he had to have a second surgery about 3 weeks after the first one to now amputate above the knee, making it for a long and painful recovery, but Grant being the man he is, was not one to sit around and mope about it, and so with the love and help of his wife along with the wonderful contributions of friends and the community, they got Grant set up with a chairlift and getting his vehicle modified so he could drive with the one leg, and he set on a path of recovery and learning to walk again. At that time it was known there was issues with his left leg, and there was a high probability that surgery if not another amputation was going to be required on his left leg.

This brings us to today February 21st 2018. A couple months back now, discussions started with specialists to deal with the issues on his left leg, unfortunately the specialists made it very clear that the surgery that could possibly be done if he was a candidate for it was not available here in Canada and the only option here was to amputate his left leg, and until they were inside it would be unknown if it would be above the knee or not. Again through friends and family, they began to investigate into alternative solutions as Grant is not a kid anymore, although he still likes to think he is LOL, but as with any surgery there is always a risk, and with this one even more concern, because Grant is in his 60's now, and we are talking about blood clots here, but even more difficult is now learning to walk all over again with having 2 prosthetic limbs, which is difficult enough even if you were in your 20's. After Grant and his wife a few weeks back sent his hospital file down to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, the doctors there have looked at it and feel Grant is a good candidate for a surgery which would not require him to have his left leg amputated, but be repaired to full use again, without the leg being amputated. Grant this week, along with his wife are flying down to the Mayo Clinic for a week to have consultations with the specialists there, and hopefully come back with positive news. As you can imagine, already over the past few years it has been very expensive with all the changes and going to Edmonton for Physio, add to that, his wife Les has been on minimal work, to assist with Grant's recovery, and the economy has also kept her work time minimal, putting a serious strain on finances.

The surgery as you can all probably guess, is not covered by Alberta Health Care because the surgery isn't recognized in Canada, and would also be done at the Mayo Clinic down in Rochester. The surgery alone will be over a $100,000.00 dollars, never mind the time they will also have to spend down there after the surgery, hotels, meals, transportation. So thanks to very good friends of Grants, and more than a few people volunteering, they have put together this fund raiser evening on March 3rd at 7 P.M.. There already has been several donations provided for the evening, but more are always welcome as we will be having a silent auction of many items along with a live auction which is being conducted by a professional auctioneer, we're talking some expensive items here, along with signed Professional Hockey Jerseys, well known Jebb Fink from The Comedy Channel will be doing a show also. So we have Dinner, auction, entertainment, DJ, and midnight lunch all for $50.00 dollars a ticket, at the Drayton Valley Legion, and the piece de' resistance' is I have been asked and will be MC'ing the event, so if you want to come see me make an ass of myself in front of over 300 people, PLEASE ATTEND!!!! Tickets are going fast folks, we do have 300 sold already, and we would like to possibly sell another 50 at the door for the late comers, I personally have 20 tickets for sale so don't hesitate to contact me or you can contact Petro Canada North in Drayton Valley or call 780-542-8525. If you cannot make it but wish to donate something for the Auction contact me or the other contact numbers, and we'll be more than happy to assist in getting that to Drayton, also you can make a donation, there is a Trust Account set up at TD Bank, its Grant Glister Trust Account and Account number is #8211 635 5364. I urge everyone to help in any we they can, this is a man that spent his career in Law Enforcement helping many others over the years, and now it's our turn to help him and his family, I can't say enough good about this man, LET"S DIG DEEP HERE.........

Thanking everyone in advance

PS- I almost forgot, the Service Plus Inn in Drayton is offering a special rate for those that wish to stay, you just need to mention it is for the Grant Glister Fund Raiser, I understand its a Superior room for only a hundred dollars.
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Re: Fund Raiser for Grant Glister

Post by Stephen_Poburan »

Thanks for putting this out there Dwight.
Can you put this out on facebook? I was looking for it but couldn't find it. I'm glad I didn't miss it.

Hope I will see you there.

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