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Alberta Association of Community Peace Officers
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Mission Statement

"Professional public safety through education and collaboration while promoting integrity and community service"


  • The Association will protect the Office of Community Peace Officer and ensure an elevated level of competency.
  • The Association will promote the use of Community Peace Officers across the province of Alberta.
  • The Association will liaise with Law Enforcement Agencies.
  • The Association will ensure a strong and positive working relationship with the Government of Alberta.
  • The Association will promote education and professionalism amongst agency members and their Officers.

About Us

The Alberta Association of Community Peace Officers (AACPO) represents over 120 municipalities employing over 500 Community Peace Officers (CPO) throughout Alberta and beyond.  CPO's are employed by Authorized Employer's under the Alberta Peace Officer Act and can provide enforcement of a variety of Federal, Provincial and Municipal statutes within their communities.  While these officers are generally employed by Municipal Governments, the officers are appointed as Peace Officers by the Alberta Justice and Solicitor General's department.  Many of our members volunteer in a variety of areas within their communities including: Big Brothers Big Sisters, DARE,  Search and Rescue, Sports Coaching and the Special Olympics just to name a few.  Peace Officers are First Responders who regularly provide assistance at motor vehicle collisions and other emergency situations within their communities, they help keep us safe and provide that extra level of support to our Police, Fire and EMS crews.


The AACPO was founded as the Alberta Special Constable Association in 1989. The association was formed to represent the interest of rural Special Constables in face of growing pressures to restrict Special Constable use. Originally formed by 8 Special Constable agencies, the association now represents more than 120 agencies including over 500 officers from Alberta, BC and the Northwest Territories. The AACPO now accepts memberships from any Peace Officer agency and represents a growing diversity in the Law Enforcement continuum of Alberta.

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